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#16 Mount Lindsey (14,042ft)

Happy Monday to all The Peak People out there!

Yup, I think you guys just got a nickname – “THE PEAK PEOPLE”  So what do you think?  I like it.

Currently, I am recovering from a fun weekend of snowboard mountaineering in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  Our group was able to climb and shred two “14ers”; one in absolute prime conditions (see powder!) and the other…well not so much.

It was my first real road trip of the season, and couldn’t have been a much better experience.  The Sangres leave quite the impression on the open-eyed mountaineer.  They are tall, powerful, dramatic, exposed, and prominent…rising up to 8,000 feet above the rolling ranchlands of the San Luis and Wet Valleys.  While averaging 15 miles in width, the Sangres run over 220 miles North-South, forming a serpentine spine that stretches from Central Colorado through Northern New Mexico.  Pretty incredible country.

I was invited to the gathering by Ben Conners, joining a large, fun and experienced crew including Carl Wesley, Marc Barella, Scott, and Bill Middlebrook.  Always good to get out with new people – especially in the high country of Colorado.

We are going to try something different for today’s report, and going with straight photography.  That’s right.  No text.  No captions.  Only names (give the guy’s credit, huh!) and images from our Saturday up top.  I have plenty to say about the tour, ranging from “Iron Nipple” jokes (the name of a rocky crag near Lindsey) to Schwarzenegger Quotes, and many things in-between.  And I feel like today’s images are particularly strong, telling a thorough story in and of themselves.

Take care,


Iron Nipple, The.

Lindsey, Mount.

Scott, Carl, Ben, Marc



Ben, Scott, Carl

Marc, Ben, Carl


Marc, Carl

Carl, Marc, Ben, Bill








Gnar, The.


  1. Brennan,
    What a great weekend we had! Thanks for joining us, adding to the comradery and taking some amazing photos. You have a real gift. Let’s get out again soon and kudos on your fundraising.

    • What up Marc! Thanks for the compliments man, I really enjoyed our weekend in the Sangres as well. Bummer about the weather last weekend – I assume you guys made some solid decisions concerning Capitol. Amazing how challenging it has been to get after the big stuff. With that being said, things are still deep up top right now in the Front Range – can’t believe the pack I saw from Torrey’s, Gray’s, and Silverheels today. Lots of good riding left.

      Take it easy man.

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